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Do you want to present to customers a new product or service? This is a very responsible occasion on which the future of your brand may depend. A high-quality presentation will attract a new audience, thereby bringing you huge profits already at the start. As statistics show, a press release can be even more important than the very moment of a product's sales start. The press release templates from TheGoodocs are the best option available on the internet for branding a new company, product, or service. Dozens of ready-made options, a convenient customization interface, and many other features are waiting for you.

Our Advantages

What features do our templates provide for each website visitor? Let's deal with this issue.

Convenient and Easy to Use Our templates for press releases are printable, storable, and highly customizable. Each option you find in the category can be used to match your personal or business needs. Just choose the alternative you like and click on it. After that, you can make a copy of our sample and start customizing it for specific requirements. The interface of Google Docs or Presentations is used for this. Do you want to work offline? No problem, because such an opportunity is also available.

Dozens of Hot Options for Every Demand Let's look at a few examples. The hire press release is just great for finding new employees. The adaptable design will allow you to customize this template for any industry, any position of the employee you are looking for, and other essentials. If you need a presentation of the company's services, you will find dozens of other options that are more suitable. Abstract design or minimalist? In yellow or purple? Pick what suits your style and brand. And if you still can't decide on the best option - just write to us. There is a "Request" button on the main page. There you can share new ideas or wishes. We will gladly try to create even more versatile templates for you.

Our Service is Free

Here you will find templates for press releases for free. With all of the benefits listed above, you simply can't find a more up-to-date platform to achieve your goals. Creating a press release from scratch is a long and complicated process that not every convinced PC user can handle. Moreover, our designers with vast experience and amazing knowledge create the blank. So it certainly meets all modern criteria.

Why You Need Press Release Templates

Creating presentations of your products or services has never been easier than with TheGoodocs. We offer dozens of user-friendly and easy-to-use templates to suit any potential business purpose. Moreover, simple customization makes it possible to use our templates in any area of your life. Don't ignore the importance of press releases because you don't know how to create them. Our designers have made sure that everyone can choose the right option nowadays. Especially when the coming profit of your company may depend on the design and content of the sample.

Always Ready to Help

If you want to choose a more convenient template for other needs, you can check out the different categories. And on the blog, you will find the most relevant collections that are ready to use. If you cannot find the perfect option and do not want to suffer from its creation, tell us your idea, and we will try to help you. Moreover, you can do it in a couple of clicks.


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